9L Bead Bazooka

Gaither 9L Bead Bazooka

The BEAD BAZOOKA is the most powerful bead-seating tool on the market. It is capable of releasing air faster
than any other tire inflation tool available.

Model: BB9L
Product: 9L bead bazooka
Data Sheet: Product Specifications
*Colours and designs may differ

Technical Information:
• Automatic Rapid Air Release System (RAR) makes it the most powerful inflation product in the market
• XL model provides more volume for even larger tires, including some Ag & OTR sizes
• Light weight (15 lbs.) reduces stress on technician
• Push button trigger allows technician to keep both hands on the tank for more control, making it safer than manual
release tanks
• Patented “Slotted” Double Barrel (patent # 8,752,604) directs the air for best overall lift
• Fully ASME, CE, TUV & CRN certified
• Patent-pending design, patent-pending Automatic Rapid Air Release System and registered trademark

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Gaither 9L Bead Bazooka