Bead Bazooka 6L

Gaither 6L Bead Bazooka

  Bead Bazooka Gaither’s revolutionary bead bazooka BB06L – 6 Litre combines the unique rapid air release technology it is the easiest-to-handle tank for seating tubeless tyre beads simply fill the tank, aim the redesigned double barrel, and fire!! The instantaneous blast of air from the 6 litre tank will work on truck, passenger, motorcycle, atv and small ag tyres.

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Bead Saver Systems

Gaither Bead Saver System

  The patented design of Gaither’s Bead Saver System quickly became the industry standard for changing tubeless truck tyres. By using simple principals of leverage, the Bead Saver System® actually works with the tyre and rim to do the work for you, in less time, with less strain, at a fraction of the cost of tyre changing machines.

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